“Sell Your Soul” by I. S .Petteice is the book that helps me to understand as a reader about its political scenarios in United States of America. I personally feel that this book is a political guide for those who are interested in analyzing and studying politics.

As author I. S. Petteice has discussed and analyzed the significant political impact and influence during presidency of Barack Hussein Obama in his first term as President. The object of this book has helped me to have some idea and understanding about the political influence on United States of America and its citizens. In fact, until I read this book I was unaware of American Political scenarios. As a guide for foreigner this book helps me to know their political background with historical facts, American faiths and traditions and their constitutional rights as citizens of United States of America. After reading this book “Sell your soul” has cultivated interests towards politics and has stirred me from inside to follow the politics to at least to know how politics plays important role for its country and citizens. As a reader I honor and wish a progressive future for its citizens and United States of America as a Nation.

Aishwariya Jayakumar