Review of fire Congress by an Online Book Club Reviewer

I love that the author finishes the book with a look at the influence of Islam on our nation and how other countries are dealing with it relative to ours. She also puts the constitution and amendments in the back of the book for everyone to read. I think that's wonderfully educational and something every voter could benefit from understanding. The extent of the corruption and the politicians the author names are also greatly beneficial to understand how pervasive these criminals are in both parties. I particularly like how she broke down how lobbyists are born in an earlier chapter and exactly how much money they make. It's eye opening.

Fire Congress by I. S. Petteice is a political exposé regarding the status of our Republic. The author is a conservative woman who feels abandoned by the political class of the United States. The reason behind her sentiment is quite clear. Neither Democrats nor Republicans represent their constituents and instead cater to the whims of corporate lobbyists and foreign backers. But it's not all doom and gloom. The author also presents an easy solution to fix the problem: fire Congress and take back our nation together!

There are several things I enjoyed about this book, one being the author's fiery personality. She writes with great passion on her subject and truly displays the attitudes of the electorate. Specifically, those individuals that voted for Trump. Her voice is full of indignation, frustration, and disappointment with our elected officials. Democrats are bad, but a lot of Republicans are equally if not more so. I'm a huge fan of Petteice's unbiased honesty towards corruption wherever it's found. Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter. This quality is what separates her from the average conservative who is more committed to a set of artificial "values" than our country.

Personally, I love how she exposes the abuse of tax payer money and certain politicians' unwillingness to serve America over themselves. At times, she shares excerpts and letters from voters that display the anger they feel towards state representatives. She names everyone involved and defies the derogatory labels some politicians and left-wing media apply to all those who think like her. My one criticism is she utilizes several names herself such as "snowflake" which is either fighting fire with fire or hypocrisy. Either way, it won't endear her towards those who disagree, but I get the impression she doesn't really care if she appeals to anyone outside Trump's supporters anyway.

What I like the most about this book is it captures a moment in history. Regardless of where you fall politically, the emotions and thinking of the average Trump supporter are right here for everyone to think about and absorb. Her opinion is very detailed, at times harsh, and clearly and creatively articulated. Her research is exhaustive and might literally make you feel sick to see just how bad everything really is. The more I read, the more angry and disgusted I became. It's truly appalling that this corruption is allowed. By the second chapter, I was already beyond motivated to join the author in firing Congress. This book is not written for the establishment, so if you're looking for politically correct language and sensitivity, you won't find it here. This woman is fed up with the corruption in both parties and wants our politicians to know it.

The most important point the author makes is one I would also emphasize. There are 300 million Americans currently controlled by just 545 members of Congress, but many are so ingrained in the corrupt system that it's virtually impossible to get rid of them. This book taught me why it's important to do research on every candidate to find out what we are actually voting for. I'm never going to the polls without this knowledge again.

As far as editing and presentation, this book is exceptionally edited and researched. I didn't notice any distracting errors. One minor issue is most of the author's research is comprised of online articles. This format concerns me because the links may not last permanently. I would recommend the author collect and republish them in an online database herself so her book won't someday consist of dead links.

Overall, this is an excellent book about political corruption. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. If you're part of the establishment or a fan of some of the politicians named by the author, you'll probably hate this book. If you're sensitive about language, religion, race, and other touchy subjects, you'll hate the author's presentation, which is sometimes very similar to Trump's. This book will be well-received by Trump supporters and similar anti-establishment types for the concise way she has collected and sourced her information. I learned a lot from her about how the establishment works, what the dangers are, and how to combat it. In short, this author knows precisely how to tell it like it is.

Online Book Club Reviewer

Review of Sell Your Soul by Aishwariya Jayakumar

“Sell Your Soul” by I. S .Petteice is the book that helps me to understand as a reader about its political scenarios in United States of America. I personally feel that this book is a political guide for those who are interested in analyzing and studying politics.

As author I. S. Petteice has discussed and analyzed the significant political impact and influence during presidency of Barack Hussein Obama in his first term as President. The object of this book has helped me to have some idea and understanding about the political influence on United States of America and its citizens. In fact, until I read this book I was unaware of American Political scenarios. As a guide for foreigner this book helps me to know their political background with historical facts, American faiths and traditions and their constitutional rights as citizens of United States of America. After reading this book “Sell your soul” has cultivated interests towards politics and has stirred me from inside to follow the politics to at least to know how politics plays important role for its country and citizens. As a reader I honor and wish a progressive future for its citizens and United States of America as a Nation.

Aishwariya Jayakumar

Review of Lyin Kings by W. Lionberg

The Lyin Kings is a book every true American must read. The book is very factual and explains how corrupt Our government leaders are who are really socialists/communists. America is in great danger of martial law Under this leadership. The book covers every socialistic policy that has weakened our country to the point of collapse. This book is well written and the author believes deeply in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Veterans (men and women) who have sacrificed much to keep this country free. Our freedoms are being taken away one by one until one day we will no longer be free. God help us.

Review of Lyin Kings by Aishwariya Jayakumar

The author supplies in-depth analysis with a detailed explanation of various aspects of constitution, political scenarios, and the famous names and their role in politics in United States of America with list of events associated. Events and functioning of Government as described by author gives us a couple of underlying policies that helps us to understand their true motives. Narration provides good material and content on main issues likes unemployment, free welfare programs, education, planned parenthood schemes, national security, budget (leading to have direct impact on taxes) and laws governing the country are the main theme of the book. Presenting us a collection of significant political events in the book through both liberal view and conservative view is very strong message to ensure to have a better way of life for American citizens.

I.S.Petteice presents a broad analysis of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that their forefathers have crafted to protect the citizens of United States of America. As matter of fact, the book definitely emphasis on Constitutional rights of the citizens and gives great idea, how all aspects of government, culture, economy and morality are helpful to build a better society. Brief explanation of Constitutional rights like Second Amendment rights, Abortion rights, Religious rights and freedom to express ones faith and National Security and Global leadership and Nation’s moral standing around the world are main highlights of the book.

The book raises some of important questions for the readers and citizens of United States of America to know what is going on and how the government is influencing the citizens in their existence. Author’s hope that more and more of their fellow citizens to realize what is happening will insist on electing leaders who respect truth of the moral law as it is respected in the founding principles of United States of America. She has been keen on discussing for what America has stood and fought for since its founding. Author’s grave concern brings insightful writing in politics, her love and respect for her country and constitution with her great faith in God as creator is extremely contributed to the book. The book is excellent resource for the people following and studying politics as subject of their interest.

Politicians are the same all over the world. Embracing principles of politics should definitely cover all aspects of great republic for its country. As always, I wish a country in this beautiful planet on earth should be a place where everyone deserves equal opportunities and same freedom to fulfil their dreams with peace, harmony, security, healthy environment and happiness for their citizens.

Aishwariya Jayakumar

Review of Lyin Kings

Thank you, Irene Petteice, for the autographed copy of your 3rd book. I'm already into it and I think its raising my BP. You are one brave person to write so honestly about what is happening with our nation. Everyone should read this.