In every religion there is a Day of Reckoning. But between the moment of death and that Day, the soul is unfettered. No one knows in what form the soul exists but everyone has had a brush with the supernatural, the feeling of the presence of someone who has passed on. Putting those experiences in script is hard and many readers are skeptics.

But those skeptics may want to re-think their belief system. I. S. Petteice was raised in deeply religious family. Her father was a psychic and her grandfather was a necromancer. In her family, the paranormal was normal.

Which makes her book unique.

In YOU NEVER DIE, she describes her out-of-body experiences, communication with ghosts and being teleported. The focus of the book is to make the unbelievable believable and – regardless of your religious upbringing – brings forth the concept which is the title of the book. YOU NEVER DIE is the kind of a book that will give skeptics second thoughts. There is a reality beyond this realm and I. S. Petteice opens a door many people do not want to admit exists.