• Running Interference: Paid Patriotism

    Is Colin Rand Kaepernick the good, or the bad guy? Only you can determine that answer after reading "Running Interference." He was adopted and raised by white parents and his lifestyle changed after meeting girlfriend, Nessa, Diab, a Muslim activist. He cost the NFL millions from loss of viewers when Read More
  • You Never Die

    In every religion there is a Day of Reckoning. But between the moment of death and that Day, the soul is unfettered. No one knows in what form the soul exists but everyone has had a brush with the supernatural, the feeling of the presence of someone who has passed Read More
  • Fire Congress

    Can we clean house in the House of Representatives and the Senate? The People talk about Term Limits and FIre Congress discusses the only way this can be done. Only The People can impose Term Limits on Congress. Fire Congress exposes the corrupt members of Congress. It tells you how Read More
  • Legacy

    A man with aspirations of being a world leader, Barack Obama, a man with many secrets of his own, set out to destroy the strongest power by bankrupting the nation, diminishing its military, and apologizing to all other countries for its arrogance. A man that has his own army and Read More
  • The Lyin Kings

    The Lyin Kings. The Wannabe World Rulers. Two people, a man and a woman who fought for power in 2008, may once again do battle in 2016. This time, will it be up to the Illuminati, the gay world, the Illegals, FEMA, or the Militia that will decides who wins Read More
  • Soundoff

    A vetting of Barack Obama that was never made by the media. Soundoff gives every reason why you should not have voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and more than 50 legitimate reasons why Barack Obama should have been and should be impeached by Congress. Corruption in the media, corruption Read More
  • Sell Your Soul

    The decline of America under the reign of Obama Socialism, his continual breakdown of our Constitutional Amendments by Executive Fiat, and the do-nothing Congress that is totally corrupt; the America that sold their soul in an election for a birth control pill. "The framers of the Constitution were very clear. Read More
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